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Break the rules, not the law. It is impossible to be original if you are too well behaved. Think outside the box and break some of the rules.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

About Taj Pabari

"From suspended schoolboy to educational pioneer. Taj Pabari is living proof that anyone with determination and passion can change the world."

Taj Pabari is an eighteen-year-old inventor, social entrepreneur and educational pioneer passionate about inspiring children to discover and embrace the world of creativity through business and entrepreneurship. 

Taj has always been captivated by the world of business. From informally selling items during his free time and lunch breaks, he made his official entrepreneurial debut at the age of eleven, when he founded his first business, an electronic blogging site for children, by children. 300 articles later, the site was sold and was an inspiration behind starting his next venture. 

In late 2014, Taj founded a social enterprise called, Fiftysix Creations: Australia's Largest Entrepreneurship School Workshop Provider. Fiftysix Creations run workshops in schools and during school holidays teaching young people about the world of computer science, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

To date, Taj has had his work and story featured by National Geographic, 60 Minutes, ABC, Sky News, Sunrise, CNBC, The Australian, Channel Seven, Channel Nine and Channel Ten. He is also the 2017 Queensland Young Australian of the Year. 

Taj was the Winner of The Australian Young Innovator of the Year for 2014. When Taj is not 'working’ on his ventures, he divides his remaining time between tennis and travelling.